The Careum School of Health is expanding its educational offering: The innovative online module "Basics in Clinical Genetics" enables healthcare professionals to flexibly acquire the basics of clinical genetics.

Clinical genetics focuses on the influence of our genes on our health. Genetic tests can be used to diagnose hereditary diseases, assess risks, and draw up individual treatment plans. In Switzerland, the demand for lifelong genetic counselling and care is growing. At the same time, there is a shortage of specialists who can work in interprofessional teams to provide evidence-based, long-term care and support for people with genetic diseases.

Acquire basic knowledge online

The Careum School of Health is taking this development into account and is broadening its range of higher education courses in the field of clinical genetics with the innovative online module "Basics in Clinical Genetics". The online module has been developed in collaboration with Hirslanden Group. Our aim is to provide the necessary basic knowledge of clinical genetics for healthcare professionals.

The online module 'Basics in Clinical Genetics' provides students with fundamental knowledge of human genetics in clinical practice. They will be able to understand laboratory techniques in genetic/genomic diagnostics. They will also gain knowledge about working in an interprofessional team and develop a better understanding of their own role.

Furthermore, the module aims to provide the basis for creating low-threshold contact and information points for family screening, especially in the area of carrier screening. This is important in order to identify genetic risks at an early stage and to initiate appropriate prevention and treatment measures.

Advantages of the online format

The e-learning format has a number of advantages:

  • Flexible learning: Thanks to the e-learning format, students can follow the course from anywhere and at their own pace. 
  • Part-time study: The time- and location-independent format allows students to easily complete the module alongside their job.
  • Comprehensive content: The module covers the fundamentals of genetics and genomics and provides a basic understanding of laboratory and genetic testing, with a focus on working in interprofessional teams in clinical practice.
  • Expert led courses: Students benefit from first-rate international lecturers with extensive experience in clinical genetics. The content is delivered via video lectures and in English. 
  • Knowledge consolidation: The video format allows to watch the expert lectures as often as desired and to acquire the contents at their own learning pace.

With this new online course in English, the Careum School of Health is pleased to offer a high-quality and flexible higher education course on the basics of clinical genetics to healthcare professionals.It is tailor-made for individuals who wish to work in interprofessional teams in the care of patients with genetic diseases, as well as for established professionals looking to refresh their knowledge.

Registration for the online module "Basics in Clinical Genetics" is now open.

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