Careum Research

Careum Research is oriented towards the competence and participation of patients, relatives and professionals in healthcare and social services. Its main focus is on new forms of care provision and housing, particularly in relation to providing healthcare services in private households.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Aging at home

Our society is ageing, giving rise to some pressing questions and a need for new resources. The emphasis here is on enabling people to live in private homes rather than special accommodation and on involving all providers of support in a co-productive way instead of focusing exclusively on professionalisation.

Centre of Competence for Patient Education

The Centre of Competence brings together experts, patients and relatives with a common goal: to raise outstanding issues regarding patient involvement and competence and find solutions using the latest findings from research.

Young Carers

Caregiving relatives are an indispensable part of care provision. However, there is little awareness of the fact that children, adolescents and young adults are also involved in providing care and support for relatives. The "learn & care" research programme closes this gap through the collection of data on the situation in Switzerland and the development of tools for raising awareness by experts.

Work & Care

The "work & care" programme deals with the reconciliation of paid employment with private care work involving support for relatives who are ill, disabled or elderly. Since 2007, Careum Research has been developing practical tools based on scientific findings to help promote the reconciliation.