The research department of the Careum School of Health examines current issues in nursing and care research.
Central topics are self-determined living with chronic illness, the promotion of health literacy and self-management in society, and person-centred care approaches.

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Our focus

A team of researchers from the nursing and health sciences works practice-oriented and nationally and internationally connected on the following three main research topics:

Research across the lifespan at Careum Hochschule Gesundheit
  • Research focus I: "Care & Caring across the Lifespan"
    This topic focuses on the caregiving roles and tasks of family members of different ages and life situations. Around half of the Swiss population faces the challenge of caring for loved ones during the lifespan, be it parents in need of care and assistance, children or close relatives.
    Family carers make a substantial contribution to domestic care in old age or illness. They are an important pillar for society and the health system.
    Sometimes children or adolescents take on caregiving tasks. Research on the vulnerable group of young carers has been underway at the Careum School of Health since 2014. We presented for the first time reliable data on the situation of young carers in Switzerland, based on two national school surveys.

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Patient satisfaction
  • Research focus II: "Patient Experience with Care"
    In terms of person-centred care, we focus particularly on patients' experiences and needs in our research. Patients want to be taken seriously and involved in decisions about their health. They are "experts by experience". In research projects, we want to look into questions of quality and coordination of care as well as patient involvement and empowerment. Tools for decision-making processes are also to be developed. This research focus is currently being established.
Elderly person doing sports
  • Research focus III: "Health Literacy"
    In cooperation with the Careum Center for Health Literacy, the Careum School of Health researches on health literacy topics. What is the situation regarding health literacy in society? What are the enabling and hindering factors for improving health literacy over the course of a lifetime? What strategies and recommendations empower people to improve their health literacy?


The research projects range from externally funded research to contract research and service projects.

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The Careum School of Health supports open access. Whenever possible, we make our publications freely available.



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