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Looking after relatives: The Careum School of Health is researching this socially relevant topic. What support do those looking after relatives need? How do people balance looking after relatives and paid work? And how can people grow old in their familiar environment, perhaps even up to end of life?

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Ageing at Home

The emphasis here is on enabling people to live in private homes rather than special accommodation and on involving all providers of support in a co-productive way.

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Young Carers

Caregiving relatives are an indispensable part of care provision. However, there is little awareness of the fact that children, adolescents and young adults are also involved in providing care and support.

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work & care

The "work & care" programme deals with the reconciliation of paid employment with private care work involving support for relatives who are ill, disabled or elderly. 

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The research projects range from externally funded research to contract research and service projects.

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  • Die Careum Hochschule Gesundheit unterstützt den Open Access. Wann immer möglich stellen wir unsere Publikationen frei zugänglich zur Verfügung.
  • Not only does the Careum School of Health conduct intensive research but also regularly publishes the results. The publication list is continually updated and, whenever possible, made available open access.
  • Non seulement la Careum haute école de santé mène des recherches intensives, mais elle en publie aussi régulièrement les résultats. La liste des publications est continuellement mise à jour et, dans la mesure du possible, mise à disposition en accès libre.

Careum Blog

The Careum School of Health regularly posts health-related articles in the Careum Blog.


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