Customer orientation

We see our students as customers and that means:

  • best service is our top priority.
  • We design our educational services individually and flexibly so that they are compatible with professional and family activities.
  • Access to our education courses is handled with the greatest possible flexibility: performance, motivation and experience count; not age, gender, life situation or origin.

Practical relevance

We always adapt our services in teaching and research to the needs of the professional practice of our students. Our range of courses is based on the needs that exist within the working world. We enable our customers to effectively realise their potential for success in their professional work. Our focus on the professional field leads to courses with direct, career-effective professional qualifications.


We provide high-quality facilities in the areas of teaching, further education, research and development as well as services, in accordance with the statutory service mandate for Swiss universities of applied sciences. Our Federal accreditation proves our high quality and justifies the trust of our students. The commitment to quality associated with accreditation motivates and guides us.


It is our claim that we stand out due to our customer orientation and our strict practical relevance. These strengths correspond to our commercial self-image as a modern company.

We rely on four strategic pillars:

  • We continue to develop our range of training courses in a targeted manner with regard to flexibility, individualisation, efficiency and practical relevance
  • We maintain our practical partnerships with leading players in the relevant professional fields
  • We promote the academic qualification of our lecturers as well as the transfer between research and teaching
  • We optimise our processes and rely on responsible, proactive employees

The core of our strategy consists of the maximum fulfilment of three essential customer needs: Flexibility, compatibility with professional and family activities and close connection with professional practice.

We meet these customer needs with four outstanding advantages:

  • In terms of content and organisation, our courses are geared to the professional requirements and life situation of the students
  • Our studies are not only part time, but also integrated with work. Career and studies are linked in such a way that what has been learned is immediately useful at work
  • Kalaidos UAS’s self-study method follows the well-established AKAD method and enables students to efficiently acquire the right knowledge themselves. With this we offer decisive added value
  • The lecturers are active in the profession that qualifies them for teaching. This improves the authenticity and practical relevance of the lessons


We are committed to ecological, economic and social sustainability and have Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a central goal. We integrate sustainability into our research projects and all our activities. We also organise the operation of our university in a sustainable manner.

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We stand out from our competitors with our profile, which offers solutions for the educational needs of our customers:

  • Private, efficient university of applied sciences
  • Credible and reliable thanks to Federal accreditation
  • Fair admission requirements
  • Studies are compatible with professional and family activities
  • Teaching and research aim for maximum practical relevance
  • Lecturers are themselves successful professionals in their field
  • Close networking with professional practice
  • Research-based learning increases self-effectiveness
  • Learning content is characterised by topicality, validity and applicability

Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences

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8050 Zurich
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