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Gifted music students at the Kalaidos University of Music

Young students receive individual tuition in their main artistic subject as well as theory and ear training from accredited lecturers at Kalaidos University of Music, supplemented by language tuition if required. This guarantees optimal preparation for future music studies.

Who is the PreCollege Programme in Music aimed at?

The PreCollege programme in music serves to promote the talents of young students: Young people with above-average musical talent from the age of about 12 can prepare themselves optimally for later music studies.

What does the PreCollege programme involve?

The young students receive weekly lessons in their main artistic subject as well as in music theory and ear training; depending on their needs and possibilities, chamber music and language lessons can be added. Regular auditions ensure that progress is monitored. Depending on suitability, involvement in public concerts at the University is also possible. For the admission examination, a performance of several works of different character and from different epochs is required for a total of 15 minutes.

How is the PreCollege programme terminated?

The PreCollege programme ends either by leaving the programme or by taking the admission examination for the Bachelor's programme (music studies).

Admission requirements

Successful completion of the admission examination


No official degree


  • Examination dates
  • Lecturers


CHF 50 monthly administration fee, plus lecturer's fee by arrangement.

Rector Kalaidos University of Music
Prof. Dr. Michael Bühler

Prof. Dr. Michael Bühler

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