November 2022
2 semesters
15 (450h)
CHF 8'400

This international, interprofessional and online-oriented continuing education program focuses on the lifelong care of individual and families affected by chronic diseases due to heredity. You will be optimally qualified to work in an interdisciplinary team as a competent professional. The CAS FH in Genetic Care is a cooperation between the Careum School of Health and Hirslanden AG.

New continuing education for interprofessional support in diseases due to heredity

The constant methodological and technical developments in human genetics and diagnostics lead to a growing need for professionals with a specialized competence profile and interprofessional team that ensure optimal lifelong care of individuals and families affected by chronic diseases due to heredity.

CAS FH in Genetic Care - acting professionally in an interprofessional team

The CAS FH in Genetic Care is designed as an online educational offering in English. It focuses on tasks commonly performed when interprofessional teams consisting of but not limited to human geneticists, genetic counselors, and other healthcare professionals care for individuals affected by diseases due to heredity. In the course of the CAS you will expand your competencies in the areas of:

• Collection and documentation of genetically-relevant informationn

• Genetic risk assessment and interpretation

• Clinical management

• Genetic education, counseling, testing, and interpretation of results

• Professional role development

• Ethical, legal, social, financial, and family implications

Through your growing knowledge and skills, you will become a valuable member of interprofessional teams, allowing you to adequately meet the lifelong care needs of individuals and families affected by diseases due to heredity.

Admission requirements

a) Physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, members of other healthcare professions with a Masters degree.
b) Nurses, psychologists, social workers, members of other healthcare professions with at least a Bachelor›s degree and professional experience in genetic counseling or;
c) recognized foreign education and «sur dossier» examination by CHG.

Employment in / access to the practice of genetic counseling or comparable institutes.

Good knowledge of English (written and oral)

Part-time study

The course is divided into two modules, which are attended in a fixed order. Learning is based on students› professional experience and prior knowledge. The study is offered online, divided into accompanied group coaching and individual self-study. In the online classes there are pre- and post-study assignments (flipped classroom). In addition, module 2 includes a practical visit of 15 days in total. The extra-occupational offer, the modular structure, the consistent practical orientation and the focus on digital teaching and learning forms are optimally geared to the needs of working professionals. 

Time variations

Module 1 is offered individually and can be started at any time. Module 2 takes place annually in March. The course is consecutive.

Implementation method

The course is consecutive.



Group tasks and written assignments in German or French are also possible depending on the language skills of the participants.


Certificate of Advanced Studies in Genetic Care 

The CAS Genetic Care does not provide certification to our participants as Genetic Counselors. Thus, graduates will practice in interprofessional genetic care teams, unless their prior degree allows them independent practice already (e.g., physician, licensed psychologist, nurse practitioner, etc.).
The CAS Genetic Care may well be suited as preparation for further studies such as MSc in Genetic and Genomic Counseling.

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Programme Director
Marianne Frech

Dr. Marianne Frech

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Caroline Hofmann

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