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Contemporary music communication and digitisation

Technological progress and social change have fundamentally changed the way we deal with music in recent years. We address questions about the influence of Web 3.0 on the music industry and how (classical) music can be communicated in a contemporary way in the age of multimedia consumerism, Facebook and other social media, demographic change, etc.

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Research focus on hearing protection

Our focus is on hearing protection. We address the question of which hearing protection tools musicians use in practice to protect their hearing, or what are the technical, psychological or social reasons why they sometimes do not protect their hearing.

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Other research projects

Applied research & development uniformly pursues the goal of being effective, visible and networked. Accordingly, the Department of Music conducts research and commissioned projects with and without cooperation partners in various subject areas.

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Research opportunities

Audio branding, sound logos, the advertising effectiveness of music, the arousal of desired emotions through a soundtrack - music plays a key role in advertising today. We support organisations and companies through empirical analyses of their musical branding.

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Research teaching

Our researchers are all also active in teaching. They provide a solid methodological grounding for our students and ensure the transfer of knowledge between teaching and the research projects at the Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences).

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