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The compatibility of paid work and caring and nursing responsibilities is an important requirement for ensuring continuous participation on the job market. Achieving this compatibility would represent a successful outcome – for both individual men and women and the wider economy. In the 2014 Federal Council report on caring for and looking after relatives, support measures and compatibility for employees with care responsibilities are described as particularly urgent and a key social and economic challenge.


In the “work & care modular” project, the expertise of the Careum Research programme “work & care”, which has been running for ten years, is to be pooled in a web-based modular toolkit from which companies can source modules, knowledge and practical tools to suit their needs. The modules are aimed at three target groups: HR professionals, managers and employees with care responsibilities. The modules also take account of the different levels of expertise that companies have on the topic of “work & care”, i.e. beginners, advanced or role models. The aim is to join forces with companies to support the sustainable implementation of a “work & care” corporate culture that is friendly and diversity-sensitive.

Project team

Careum Research: Karin van Holten, Prof. Dr. Iren Bischofberger, Amelie Zentgraf, Alwin Abegg,
Dr. Milena Svec Goetschi

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Carola Fischer, Studiengangleitung CAS Sponsoring Management & CAS Fundraising Management, ZHAW
  • Prof. Dr. Jörn Basel, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerlannd, Departement of Business & Management
  • Sybille Hercher, Soziologin Magister Artium (M.A.), Head of HERCHER Organisationsberatung GmbH
  • Benedikt Fischer, pilot und employee BAZL, employee with care responsibilities
  • Helena Trachsel, Head of the Office for the Equality of Men and Women of the Canton of Zurich


June 2018–May 2020

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