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The term young carers refers to adolescents and young adults who have a care and support role at home. We already know from an earlier research project that the transition into working life presents a major challenge to young carers. Building on these findings, the question now is:
How can adolescent young carers and young adult carers be supported so that they can successfully and smoothly transition into working life in spite of their care responsibilities?


In order to answer the research question, three sub-projects are being carried out as part of the “adolescent young carers and young adult carers between school, education and work” research project.

Sub-project 1: Quantitative survey at the Berufsbildungszentrum (BBZ) Olten
To begin with, all students at BBZ Olten will be surveyed. The aim of this survey is to find out how many adolescents and young adults are completing their training there whilst also providing regular support to a relative with a health impairment.

Sub-project 2: Interviews and Get-together
This is followed by a series of interviews with young carers in different parts of Switzerland. This project aims to uncover challenges in the transition into working life and gain information on what their day-to-day life is like and what helps or could help them in their situation.
Furthermore, a discussion workshop for and with young carers is being arranged at BBZ Olten. It offers the young people the opportunity to discuss their experiences and the issues they are dealing with.

Sub-project 3: Designing a “national network map”
Based on the findings of sub-projects 1 and 2, a prototype for a network map will be developed together with young carers and specialists. The aim of the network map is to allow adolescents and young adults to access information quickly. Who is the contact? What offers of support or other opportunities to talk are there? This way, experts are given the chance to contact the institutions and establishments that help the young carers in different life situations as quickly as possible.

Project aim

The aim of this research project is to develop a prototye based on the findings of academic studies.

Project team

Project management: Prof. Dr. iur. Agnes Leu, Careum Reasearch (Head of the Young Carers research programme)
Team: Sarah Rabhi-Sidler, Senior Researcher, Careum Research Hannah Wepf, PhD student, Careum Research

Cooperation partners

German-speaking Switzerland: Berufsbildungszentrum Olten (BBZ)
Italian-speaking Switzerland: under negotiation
French-speaking Switzerland: under negotiation

External funding

This innovation project is being supported by:

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August 2017–Juni 2020

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