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The concept of case management and the understanding of roles related to it vary greatly depending on the field of activity involved. Case management is currently being practised in Switzerland in various guises, with various objectives and based on different educational profiles. Even the applicable laws and insurance responsibilities show a lack of consistency. There are currently no known reviews being carried out to create a complete record of these different forms of case management in Switzerland. This is where Netzwerk Case Management Schweiz sees a need for action.


The project aims to analyse the full range of case management activity and come up with a standard approach, drawing on various interdisciplinary perspectives, to analysing the term itself and the wider situation as well as practical recommendations for action as a result of this.

This is to be done in four stages:

  1. Carry out an analysis of the term “case management” and the wider situation with reference to both education and practice on the basis of specialist literature, relevant websites and expert interviews
  2. Formulate recommendations for action for education and practice in Switzerland
  3. Present the findings at the Netzwerk Case Management Schweiz general assembly in March 2019
  4. Disseminate the findings in the specialist journal “Case Management”

Project team

Careum Research: Prof. Iren Bischofberger, Amelie Zentgraf M.A.
Hochschule Luzern, Institut Soziale Arbeit und Recht: Anita Nelson, MSc


June 2018–May 2019

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