Voices change with age and often no longer meet the demands of choral singing. However, voice training practice shows that choral singing is particularly important for older people. The aim of this study was to find out what the motivations are for participating in the choir (musical, social or logistical), whether these motivations change with age and whether the importance of the choir increases or decreases with age. 495 active choir members between the ages of 16 and 91 were surveyed. The results show that the main reasons for singing in the choir (enjoyment of singing, enjoyment of the group, level of the choir, further development of the singing voice) are independent of age. Less central motivations (acquaintances in the choir, performance opportunities, the choice of a particular work) increase with age. The relevance of the choir also increases with age. The discussion shows ways to use the potential of the older choir members.

Project title

The importance of choral singing in old age


Singing Centre Zurich (Singstimmzentrum Zürich, SSZZ)


Kalaidos Research, SSZZ

Project duration

August 2016 - April 2018

Project management

Prof. Dr. Michael Bühler (Kalaidos FH), Barbara Böhi (SSZZ)

Rector Kalaidos University of Music
Prof. Dr. Michael Bühler

Prof. Dr. Michael Bühler

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