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Inspired by the EX IN curriculum that has proved a success for more than ten years, Pro Mente Sana is providing a recovery service for people who have suffered psychological trauma. Experiences from a variety of peer-based advanced training schemes have shown that progressing towards an individual recovery method is an issue that is relevant for all participants. Being able to talk about your own experiences and receiving respect and appreciation when doing so is essential. This allows the experience of psychological trauma to evolve from an element of exclusion to an element of belonging. The goal is to support people in finding their own recovery method. This means strengthening their confidence in their own abilities, developing self-efficacy and self-confidence and practising emotional flexibility, which serves as a stable foundation for sustainable paths to health.


Careum Research evaluates this advanced training and addresses the following questions:

  • What kind of profile do the participants have in terms of their sociodemographic background and their history of illness and treatment?
  • Do their state of health, recovery focus, resistance to stigma, self-monitoring, self-efficacy and hope change over the course of their participation in the advanced training?
  • How satisfied are the participants with the course and what personal gains do they take away from it?

Methodical approach

The evaluation combines quantitative and qualitative survey methods. The written surveys take place before the advanced training, upon its completion and a year later. These are supplemented with a guided group interview with the participants at the end of the advanced training.


October 2017–August 2018


Hegedüs, Anna (2017): Evaluation «Recovery Wege entdecken». Schlussbericht für die Pro Mente Sana. Zürich.

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