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cThe town of Frauenfeld has launched the pilot project “Älter werden im Quartier” (Getting older in an urban district) in the Kurzdorf region. The aim is to create basic conditions that are as good as possible to enable elderly people to live independently and meaningfully in surroundings they are familiar with.

As part of the pilot project, the general public is being given the opportunity to cooperate as part of a participatory process to develop and implement ideas on the subject of “life and living at home/in the neighbourhood in old age”. The town wants to use this approach to find out what ideas already exist to support a long life at home. The essential need for ideas and greater cooperation is being elucidated in conjunction with the people living in the neighbourhood and the organisations that currently exist there. The ideas are implemented in project groups and result in services that are organised and delivered by the people in the neighbourhood.

The project triggers a sustainable, participatory process on the subject of ageing in the neighbourhood. This is based on a working cooperation between elderly people in the neighbourhood, institutions, volunteers and relatives.


Careum Research is responsible for supporting the scientific evaluation of the project, which is being funded by the Age Foundation and Health Promotion Switzerland. Using a multi-method approach (including interviews, observations and documentation analysis) and the input of the various people involved (including project management and residents), the pilot project is being supported from the preparation, appropriation and implementation phase through to the operating phase. The results provide an insight into how similar participatory projects could be extended to and used in other neighbourhoods.

Project team

Careum Research: Prof. Dr. U. Otto, Anna Hegedüs

External funding

Age Foundation



Further information


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