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As part of the “work & care practical tools” project, Careum Research has developed three practical tools for employers and employees. They can be used in organisations to raise awareness of the issue at all levels, to collect data and to support HR managers.


The “work & care plus” project acts as an interface here to ensure and develop tools for the long-term. The Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) supported the two-year follow-up project by providing funding in accordance with the Equality Act. It consists of three sub projects:

  • Sub project 1: A funding body was established to align strategically important “work & care” issues and products useful to operation in the long term.
  • Sub project 2: Developing the practical tools gave rise to the “work & care” info platform. The online platform contains practical information for managers, HR professionals and social counsellors. The platform is geared specifically to the world of work. In some 40 short interviews, various people talk about why they consider the reconciliation of employment and care for relatives to be relevant for organisations. The videos complement the existing profile brochure, which gives specific examples of men and women in employment with relatives needing care from all generations and with all sorts of health issues. The platform also provides information by canton on payment of sickness and disability costs.
  • Sub project 3: The case management concept is used to support employees whose relatives require complex arrangements for treatment and care. This should enable employees to continue working satisfactorily, despite time-consuming coordination and communication responsibilities.

Project team

Careum Research: Karin van Holten (Project Management), Prof. Dr. Iren Bischofberger


February 2013–August 2015

External funding

Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) as part of the financial support in accordance with the Equality Act

Swiss Confederation

Partners in practice

Logo Familyservice

“The demands of caring for and supporting sick people require flexible work solutions for relatives. On the other hand, comprehensive advice and close case support on the care side makes a significant contribution to enabling relatives providing care to continue working. There is development potential in both areas for sustainable solutions.”

Kathrin Toberer, Manager,


Logo Private Care

“Work & care supports people needing care and their relatives, enabling them to live together at home whilst the relatives can continue working. What healthy families take for granted becomes an organisational challenge when it comes to care requirements. At Private Care AG, we support the project with our expertise, so that all partners and the people concerned can achieve a stable care provision at home together with a good quality of life.”

Katharina Hadorn, Manager,
Logo Careum Hochschule Gesundheit


Gloriastrasse 18a
8006 Zürich

Final event on 10 September 2015

  • Karin van Holten, Project Manager Careum Research, winwinwin – Neues auf der Webseite PDF
  • Lorenz Kopp, Head of Personnel Support Post, work & care – Bedürfnisse der Mitarbeitenden, Möglichkeiten der Unternehmung. PDF
  • Valérie Borioli Sandoz, Head of Equality Policy Travail.Suisse, Projekt «». PDF
  • Programme. PDF


Bischofberger, I. (2010). Case Management - Entlastungspotenzial für erwerbstätige pflegende Angehörige. Case Management, (1), 31-33. PDF

ForschRex, C., Giaquinta, R., & Bischofberger, I. (2013). Koordination abrechnen. Schauplatz Spitex, 19 (4), 39-40. PDF

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