pflegende Tochter mit alter Mutter


Analysis of the subjective experiences of caring relatives and of specialists during entry and in crisis and emergency situations as well as recognition of specific challenges.

Study group
caring relatives in all language regions
service and supply providers in all language regions

Key finding

Awareness of their role is a prerequisite for family carers to accept external support.

Project Team

ZHAW, Institut für Pflege: Prof. Dr. André Fringer (Lead), Sabrina Fehn, Hannele Hediger, Dr. Veronika Waldboth
FHS St.Gallen, Institut für Angewandte Pflegewissenschaft IPW-FHS: Eleonore Arrer
Careum Research: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Otto, Prof. Dr. Iren Bischofberger, Dr. Heidi Kaspar, Fabian Berger


Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), support programme “Relief offers for relatives providing care 2017—2020”


October 2017—September 2019

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