Networking Event - Report

On 6 April 2017 at Kalaidos Oerlikon

Kalaidos Diversity Community is growing! The second Kalaidos Diversity Event focused on professional networking for women and minorities. To this end, we invited experts from four prominent networking and mentoring organizations in Zurich to share their insights in a panel discussion: Ulrike Clasen from Business and Professional Women Club Zürich, Petra Ehmann from WE SHAPE TECH, Carole Hofmann from WomenWay and Karina Storinggaard from PWG Professional Women's Group

We also took the opportunity to demonstrate how we handle diversity in our education programs. Diversity to us is not lack of equality in organizations, but a mainstreamed approach, whereby the whole business benefits from its employees' fully used potential and efficient functioning of the processes. For more information on the programs, please contact us for an appointment or follow the links at the bottom of this page. 

The Kalaidos Diversity Community aims to be an innovative and positive networking and knowledge sharing forum, where everyone feels welcome. The event takes place twice a year, at the start of the summer semester, and again at the start of the winter semester. Follow our website for dates and sing in to our mailing list. We look forward to seeing you again!

Panel discussion insights

Based on their networking experience the panellists shared a number of personal insights with the audience. It was interesting to learn about the variety of the existing networks. Moreover the event participants could pick up ideas on how to find a suitable network for their personal needs and how to get access to it.

The panellist Karina Storinggaard, a mother and business woman, pointed out the potential benefit of networking activities: "It was networking that gave me the opportunity to find the job I do today". Regarding networking effectiveness, Petra Ehmann outlined her experiences on the concept of "structured networking", which she regards as a very effectual way of systematic, time-limited socializing and sharing of relevant information. "A network is a platform where you can inform relevant people about your professional vocation" stated Ulrike Clasen, the goal being to find the right job. Despite the existence of many very successful and professional women networks "there is still room for improvement", to reach the same level of effectiveness and impact as male networks, assessed Carol Hofmann, founder of two well-established women networks.

In the course of the discussion the function and benefits of mentoring were as well addressed. Numerous women networks offer their members mentoring programs for specific support actions for professional progress.

The panel closed with the question if and how women networks contribute to the ongoing diversity debate, leading into the subsequent aperitif and a further discussion.


The Diversity Event started with the Program Director Ella Roininen’s presentation highlighting our teaching philosophy for diversity.

Kalaidos Diversity Event April 2017


Nikolaus Storz from Kalaidos warmed us up on the topic of networking, and introduced the expert panellists Ulrike Clasen, Petra Ehmann, Carole Hofmann and Karina Storinggaard.

Kalaidos Diversity Event April 2017


Karina Storinggaard and Petra Ehmann alert amidst the discussion.

Kalaidos Diversity Event April 2017


After the 'official program', a lively debate continued by drinks and snacks.

Kalaidos Diversity Event April 2017

Kalaidos Diversity Event April 2017

Kalaidos Diversity Event April 2017


Kalaidos diversity program: CAS in Diversity Leadership