On March 23, 2021, the Director of SIF at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Professor Dr. Bernhard Koye took part at the annual scientific-practical conference “Architecture of Finance: The Next Normal Challenge”, organized by its partner-university in Russia – St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON). 

The conference traditionally gathered leading scientists and experts from Russian and foreign universities, analytical centers, officials from federal financial authorities, as well as regional governments, foreign government agencies, Russian and foreign banks, insurance, investment, appraisal, venture companies and non-financial corporations.

The topic and goal of the conference was to find new approaches to economic development in the conditions and after the COVID-19 pandemic which has become an unprecedented trigger for the fundamental transformation of financial technologies.

Professor Koye took part at the main day of the conference, on the plenary session and was one of 6 VIP-participants opening the conference and giving the key presentations. Together with him, the speakers were the Head of Finance of St. Petersburg Governance, the President of the Association of Russian banks, the President of the Association of insurance companies of Russia, an Advisor of the First Vice-Head of the Central Bank of Russia. 

Professor Koye presented SIF, Kalaidos University and results of surveys that were held by SIF and also were the results of empirical study which was held under scientific governance of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Koye and the Director of the International Centre for Financial Markets Research of Unecon, Prof. Dr. Tatyana Nikitina by the first edition participants of the joint Russian-Swiss program “MBA in Digital Transformation”, realized at UNECON.

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