Executive Conference on Brand Authenticity

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Restaurant Clouds, Prime Tower, Zurich; 21 June 2013

The one-day Executive Conference presents authenticity as an essential competitive characteristic and advantage for 21st-century brands. Two well-known researchers and two experienced practitioners highlight to what extent authenticity is a significant driving force in their activities. The senior executives explain how they built the brands of their high-quality services and goods in a convincing manner, and how authenticity is relevant to their success.

Contributors to the conference:

  • Mr Raymond J. Baer, Honorary Chairman of Julius Baer Group Ltd., Zurich
  • Mr Pascal Hyafil, Vice-President La Prairie, Zurich
  • Dr Gérald Mazzalovo, Partner of Aravis Luxury, Zürich and former CEO of Bally, Loewe and Ferregamo Nordamerika.
  • Prof. Jorge Lozano. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Prof. Andrea Semprini, Université Lumière, Lyon 2

The conference is conducted in English, the presentation of Jorge Lozano is in French.

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