Our experienced faculty provides you with a balanced view on problem solving in the real world. Our lecturers possess vast management experience in the area of international business, excellent expertise in their field of specialization and outstanding academic qualifications. All of them are pursuing international careers, conducting work and research abroad.

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Aberer, Daniel Otto
Angerer, Thomas
Berger, Frank
Beswick, Richard, Prof.
Drenth, Randy
Elices, Ester
Friedberger, Lars
Giel, Ingrid, Dr.
Hammerschmidt, Nicola
Höglinger, Marc, Dr.
Hussain, Waseem
Kohler, Ulrich
Koppert, Armin
Kran, Detlev
Mäkinen, Tiia
Meier, Heinz
Merkli, Ugo, Dr.
Paserman, Michal
Rebitzer, Dieter
Rögner, Andrea, Prof. DDr.
Roininen, Ella
Teufer, Andreas, Prof. Dr.
Wittwer, Jürg, Dr.