India Study and Business Experience

This study and business trip takes you to Bangalore, a mega city of over 8 million inhabitants, a rich history and culture as well as dynamic new industries and a favoured location for Western companies in India.

An exciting and enriching programme

During the 6 day intensive programme you will:

  • Learn about India's social, governmental, legal and business structure
  • Understand opportunities, risks and rewards for companies seeking to do business in India
  • Gain insights and enriching ideas through meetings with senior managers of foreign and Indian companies
  • Visit factories to understand manufacturing in India
  • Hear about the key aspects of human resources management in India
  • Experience India's culture and history in temples, old bazaars and in restaurants that serve delicious Indian meals

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Program details

To know more about the programme (schedule, companies to visit, etc.), just call or write. We're happy to provide you with the information. 

The program is open to Kalaidos students, students from our partner institutions and external participants with good English skills.


Program Dates

3.02. - 7.02.2020 in Bangalore


Official Program

Start: Sunday 12:00am at Hotel Lobby
End: Saturday 10:00pm after Farewell Dinner



External participants: CHF 3'700, including participation, travel guide and lunch

Airfare, accommodation, evening meals, visa and insurance fees are not included in the price. We all stay in the same hotel. A preferential rate will be negotiated with a good business class hotel. The  hotel costs CHF 140-160 per night, single occupancy room (including breakfast, wireless internet, use of gym, and ground transportation; subject to negotiations and changes in pricing). 

"India was a great experience and we had a really good time. Waseem did a very good job and the program he designed was very interesting."

Gustavo Rodriguez Rios, Executive MBA participant

"I am really impressed by the travel to India with Waseem and the class. We saw small to big size companies, as well as simple to more complex business models. Besides the management culture, we also got knowledgeable about the culinary of India. Summarized the week was an experience I will never forget."

Manfred Mägerle, Executive MBA participant

Facts and Figures

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Enrolment and Start dates

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