Progress through Research

Applied research and development is part of the mission of the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences. And this is for a very good reason: research creates knowledge - and thus provides the basis for a knowledge society.

A look around the world shows: Where there is research, there is progress. Research leads to progress in all areas: in business and society, in medicine and politics - and also in art and culture.

Understanding and Improving

And we know why: Research means understanding, and understanding allows insight, adaptation, and improvement. And this helps solving the large and small challenges of our time.

Our research provides direct benefits: Our students learn to solve problems systematically. Our practice partners obtain scientifically proven answers.

Research for teaching and practice

Research at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences is aligned to the needs in practice and in teaching. Students are involved in the research. And research results go back into the classroom and inform the teaching.

We connect our scientific teaching closely with our research projects. Students gain insights into real research questions, guided by experienced researchers. Practice partners benefit from the high level of commitment that characterizes the students conducting research. Thus, learning and research go hand in hand.