Kalaidos Academy of Music

The Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences is the only recognized private multi-disciplinary University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. Since 2010 we have been offering advanced study courses in music education. Our professional mandate embraces a Bachelor of Arts curriculum in Classical Music and also in Jazz & Popular Music, administered by the Foundation of the Swiss Academy for Music & Music Education.

  • Target and achievement oriented: Acceptance as a student is decided solely by an entrance examination. We impose no rigid quotas, no age limits and no numerus clausus concept. Superior standards of tuition and training are assured by regular examinations and evaluations, as well as centrally organized block study modules. Music education at the Kalaidos Academy of Music is focussed on the intended educational and achievement goals. The path to these goals can be determined on an individual basis.
  • Decentralized and nationwide: The Kalaidos Academy of Music embraces an extensive nationwide network of eminent and qualified teachers from throughout Switzerland and abroad. Students are offered a real choice of opportunity to acquire superior standards of music education. They can choose from German, French, Italian and English-language tuition in any part of Switzerland, as well as the frontier areas of neighbouring countries.
  • Flexible and open: Studies at the Kalaidos Academy of Music are adaptable to various life situations. The personalized plan of study facilitates both career and family-compatible curricula.

The Kalaidos Academy of Music aspires to a professional profile and positioning as an innovative and internationally-recognized institute of higher education. In the music-educational field in Switzerland, the paramount professional qualification is the Master's Degree. The Kalaidos Academy of Music embraces Swiss federal Bachelor accreditation standards, while at the same time also developing the consecutive Master's Degree programme. Administrative and management structures are streamlined, so as to take into account the requirements of a contemporary study environment.


Studying at Kalaidos Academy of Music means:

  • Studying without age limit
  • Studying without change of residence
  • Studying near work and family
  • Studying with an individualized course of study
  • Studying with study course guarantee