We focus especially on our customers, the practice relevance and the quality of our study programs.

Customer Focus – We see our students as customers. This means: a) It is our top priority to provide the best service, b) We design our individualised educational services in order for them to be compatible with professional and family life, c) We provide access to our educational programme with the greatest possible flexibility. Finally, performance, motivation and experience count, not age, gender, life situation or social background.

Practical relevance – We commission our services in teaching and research always according to the professional practice of our students. Our range of courses is oriented to educational and developmental needs in the working environment. We enable our students to self-efficiently implement their potential for success within their professional practice. This focus leads to study programmes with direct career-effective professional qualification.

Quality – We provide a high-quality service in the field of teaching, training, research and development as well as services. We also are in accordance with federal accreditation criteria for or Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. The quality commitment related to the accreditation motivates and guides us.

Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences considers itself as notably eligible for professionals with job and family duties, who want to acquire their competences quickly, reliably and professionally and proceed with their career-efficient goals.