Care Management

We consider ourselves as educational service provider for practice partners. Therefore, our key strategies are: flexibility, individual study pathways, collaborations with practice partners and our own high-qualified, responsible employees.

We rely on four strategic pillars

  • We continue to develop our educational goals and programmes with regard to flexibility, individual study programs, efficiency and practical relevance.
  • We maintain our collaborations with leading partners in relevant professional fields.
  • We encourage academic qualifications of our teaching and research staff as well as knowledge transfer between research and teaching.
  • We enhance our processes and rely on responsible and proactive employees.

We meet our customer requirements with four outstanding advantages

  • The content and the organisation of our study programmes foster the professional requirements and the students’ personal life situation.
  • Our studies are not only part-time, but also integrated in professional practice: job and study activities are deliberately combined in order to enhance added value at work.
  • The self-study method of Kalaidos UAS follows the AKAD method, which is outstanding since the 1950iers. It enables students to efficiently and independently acquire their knowledge. 
  • The teaching staff are experts in their profession, most of them are employed in their professional areas. This qualifies them for teaching that is grounded in daily practice.