Careum Research

Careum Research, the research institute of the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Department of Health Sciences conducts innovative care and healthcare research with a focus on community based and patient centred care.

The students learn research methods based on the experiences with real research projects, conducted by an interdisciplinary researcher team. The projects are oriented towards the whole life span of patients and their significant others:

  • work & care – reconciliation employment and family care
  • Younger Carers – reconciliation of school, vocational training and studies, for children, young, and young adult carers
  • Ageing at home – The emphasis of this project is on enabling people to live in private homes and involving all providers of support in a co-productive way.
  • Centre of Competence for Patient Education – self-management and patient empowerment in the course of chronic illness
  • Projects – Careum Research implements projects ranging from competitive research funded by third parties to contract research and service projects relating to consulting.

The research team fosters the students’ ability to disseminate their student work in congress presentations and publications for various audiences. They offer instruction and motivation based on the experiences with their own publications and conference presentations. All publications are accessible following an open-access strategy as full text at Publications within publishers’ legal rights.