Executive Conference on Brand Authenticity

The one-day Executive Conference presents authenticity as an essential competitive characteristic and  advantage for 21st-century brands. Two well-known  researchers and two experienced practitioners highlight to what extent authenticity is a significant driving force in their activities. The senior executives explain how they built the brands of their high-quality services and goods in a convincing manner, and how authenticity is relevant to their success. They share experiences and shed some light on their future plans. The two researchers set the theoretical groundwork for authenticity and illuminate how authenticity contributes to the overall competitiveness of brands today.

In our consumer society, value is increasingly based on images and virtual signs do not necessarily relate to any material reference. Since the beginning of the 90s, the postmodern brand has been promoting meanings and possible worlds, which went way beyond the tangible products or services offered.

As a result, the benefits that brands promise often fall short of customers’ expectations. Brands started to react to consumers’ increasing awareness that invalid, intangible benefits were being promised through inappropriate brand communication.

The issues identified through the rising demand for brand authenticity have far-reaching consequences.The stakes are high for brands to tackle a new customer attitude requesting more tangible, easily accessible benefits that do not necessitate overwhelming or irrelevant imaginative efforts. The fundamental issues of truth, origin, traceability and transparency are being raised, which in turn lead to a new kind of realismin consumption – a kind of new competitive frontier and the opportunity for brands to gain strategic advantages in a quickly evolving civilization.