Module 1 (basic)

The focus of this course is on acquiring basic and essential knowledge of human genetics including an insight into genetic laboratory tests. This is the cornerstone of understanding how to support patients with genetic and genomic diseases and their families, how to manage disease and disease risk due to heredity, and how to use genetic and genomic information to guide treatment and maintaining health throughout life. Accompanying coaching by recognized experts complements the online implementation of the course.

Genetic testing is increasingly important for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases or hereditary predisposition to disease. The CAS in Genetic Care enables graduates to participate in interprofessional teams in medical-genetic institutions, and under medical supervision take on tasks related to identifying, recording, and managing individuals with hereditary diseases, facilitating communication and lifelong risk management, and providing support to affected individuals and their families.

Modul Description Module 1 (basic)

Module 2 (advanced)

This course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired from the previous module. Participants deepen their understanding on the application of core competencies of genetics and genomics in different clinical settings. Application of these skills contributes significantly to the interprofessional team and facilitates the clinical and psychosocial management and lifelong follow-up of individuals and families affected by hereditary diseases.

Graduates will apply the knowledge they acquire to support the interprofessional team by taking on specific delegated tasks in the treatment and management of affected individuals and their families. Examples of these tasks include but are not limited to: Taking a detailed, three generation family history and drawing a family pedigree based on international nomenclature, carrying on risk predictions based on clinically applicable models, coordinating the treatment and follow-up care of affected individuals, facilitating dissemination of genetic information to at-risk relatives and cascade testing, clarifying psychosocial and legal issues, and initiating referrals to specialized services.

Modul Description Module 2 (advanced)

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