Marktplatzkurse in Kooperation mit Plug and Play

Plug and Play Friday Pitch Session

Friday Pitch Session: CEO of a startup on stage at the headquarter in Silicon Valley. In the front rows are potential investors. 

Marktplatzkurs "Venture Capital Toolkit Preliminary Course"

Venture Capital Toolkit is a new class offering for students from any background interested in Venture Capital. Investment decisions are complex and depend on many factors. This course offers you to practice “due diligence” and decision taking regarding early-stage and startup investments. (Due diligence is a process that aims to give the technical, legal and financial grounds upon which a startup or early-stage investment can gain investor support.) In this preliminary course, you will study independently the case of an investment opportunity and illustrate, if and why you would provide venture capital to the assessed startup. This work may be considered a selective process to gain access to the main part of VC Toolkit, an extraordinary opportunity with bi-weekly conference call sessions.

This part is a self-organized assignment planned for August/September 2019.

Marktplatzkurs "Venture Capital Toolkit Advanced Course"

Prerequisite: Passing course 1 (MPK VC Toolkit Preliminary Course).

Venture Capital Toolkit Advance Course will be provided by the Kalaidos University of Applied Science and Plug and Play Tech Center, a global startup ecosystem, specialized in investments and acceleration of startups. The Plug & Play Group Delivered by: Plug and Play Tech Center is an innovation platform, family office and venture fund specializing in the development and investment of early-to-growth stage technology startups. It brings together experts in building meaningful networks, investing in startups, and key stakeholders.

What you learn: You will learn how professional investors in Silicon Valley identify the potential of startups, both, in terms of their business idea and their team. You may experience VC training - sourcing and diligence, less on term sheets but more on evaluating early stage venture deals. Open to: Students from all over the world with no specific pre-knowledge or background, willing to develop an international view of the VC world Admission: Admission to the Plug & Play group will depend on the assessment of your preliminary assignment on the investment opportunity. Work load: In between sessions you are asked to do research and diligence on startups. Support is available.

Attendance Mandatory via video conference sessions (bi-weekly on Sunday!), no class room attendance.

Course runs from October 2019 until May 2020.