Joe Sempik is currently a part-time Senior Research Fellow at the School of Social Policy at The University of Birmingham. He initially trained as a pharmacologist, with a degree from the Sunderland School of Pharmacy (1974) and a PhD in physiology and pharmacology from The University of Nottingham Medical School (1977). In 2000, he completed a Masters in Environmental Management and entered the field of social science research. Joe’s research interests lie in the provision and use of services by children and vulnerable adults and their effectiveness in promoting health and well-being. He was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Child and Family Research (2002-2010) and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham (until 2015). Through his research, he has studied a range of issues within social care, including the costs of adoption and the inter-agency fee, the mental health of looked after children, interventions for vulnerable children, the health of Young Adult Carers and their experiences of the education system, the characteristics and effectiveness of nature-based approaches for health and well-being (‘Green Care’) for people with mental health problems and learning difficulties.

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