Study Trip to Ecuador

Study Trip to Ecuador, South America


Leadership rediscovered - shape the future with Agility

This study trip takes you on an extraordinary journey, linking the basic nature of leadership with contemporary challenges within innovation processes.


The study week offers you the opportunity to experience leadership on a new level through significant environmental settings. Carefully selected lectures and workshops given by international professors and successful local entrepreneurs create a rich learning opportunity in Ecuador. 

The sessions discuss a range of aspects which have a remarkable impact on leadership.


Participants travel to Ecuador, where for the first few days, they go further into the Amazon by boat to spend time in the incredible ecosystem rainforest. The disruptive change of environment provides a captivating opportunity to explore leadership qualities in small groups and observe adaptation in the rainforest. You meet undisturbed nature and, on the other hand, very comfortable accommodation at an ecolodge. They are kept in balance in order to focus on selected leadership questions. Academic inputs, guided activities in small groups, self-observation and focused tasks sensitize participants with aspects of leadership on an individual level.

After these days of full immersion, which require continuous adjustments at a peaceful pace and provide a lot of time outdoors, the group travels on to Guayaquil. We are hosted by a local University and this large city in Ecuador offers a change of scenery. Four days of lectures, workshops, fireside chats and company visits are included in the program. Furthermore, experiences of the past days will be embedded in leadership contexts by the highly recognized speakers. Here participants get in touch with tools to continue developing authentic leadership skills related to their individual background. 


Students from Ecuador will join the group from Europe, which shall foster the exchange of culturally diverse perspectives. The entire program is conducted in English. The evenings in Guayaquil are mostly at leisure, allowing participants to explore the city and culture.


This study trip invites individuals to get in touch with their personal leadership profile and to refine their awareness for authentic leadership. Participants leave this study week with lasting impressions and insights, supporting further development of their leadership skills.





Target Group:


The study week is designed as further education and targets all professional groups, in particular entrepreneurs, as well as people in management positions.



Arrival in Quito on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 at the latest.

The program starts on Thursday, November 12th in Quito. It takes us along the Napo River into the Amazon, the events are taking place in Guayaquil.

The flight to Ecuador is organized individually, which gives participants the opportunity to extend their stay.

The offer includes:


  • 8 days of program
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Company visits
  • Digital courseware
  • Transfers to the course locations by bus and boat
  • Accommodation for one night in Quito (incl. breakfast)
  • A contribution to board and lodging at the Eco-Lodge
  • Farewell Dinner incl. beverages




The tuition fee is CHF 4500.- and includes the above.


In addition expect the following costs:

  • Multi-stop flight Europe to Quito and back to  Europe Guayaquil (approx. CHF 1200.-). There is a group rate available for groups of 10 people or more for the recommended flight on November 11th, 2020. From Zurich with KLM: Zurich - Quito, Guayaquil - Zurich.
  • Evening flight Quito - Guayaquil on November 25th (USD 100.-), this transfer is relevant for the program and will be organized for the group.
  • Flight: Quito - Coca and back (USD 220.-), organized by Eco-Lodge
  • Accommodation and meals fee for the Eco-Lodge (approx. total of CHF 750.- per person with full board and double occupancy)
  • Hotel in Quito (1 night) & Guayaquil (4 nights - approx. CHF 500.- per room)
  • Individual airport transfers (arrival and departure)
  • Meals during the week (except at the Eco-Lodge & Farewell Dinner)

These figures are estimations and may vary depending on individual needs.



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